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Vacation and Eating

It’s summer time which means vacation time!  Who doesn’t love going on vacation, eating like a pig, and finding out you’ve gained 10-15 pounds in a week?  Ok, most people don’t.  In fact, I don’t know of anyone who does.  So, let’s looks at some ideas that can help us when we’re on the road and traveling.

Fast food is our nemesis.  Everything is greasy and fried.  You think the salad is good?  Think again. How many of us have ordered a grilled chicken Caesar salad thinking we were making a good choice?  Did you know the Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad from Wendy’s has 760 calories and 1980 mg of sodium!  The Caesar salad from McDonalds, however, only has 410 calories and 890 mg of sodium.  Interesting…

It pays to do your research before you go on vacation.  All restaurants/fast food chains have their nutrition information available online.  This will help you make good choices when stopping in for a quick meal.

A few other ideas are to stay with whole grain buns/bread, grilled chicken, snack on nuts or fruit (make sure the nuts aren’t heavily seasoned or salted), limit soda and sugary drinks, and drink a lot of water.  Also, if you’re staying at hotel, take advantage of the hotel gym or pool.

There are still yummy, healthy options out there while you’re traveling.  It just takes a little more effort to stick with it while traveling, but I know you can do it!  Remember, this is a lifestyle change you’re making.  The change doesn’t just happen in the comfort of our own home and gym.  We have to apply the change to every area of our lives.

Have a great summer!!!



As women, I think we tend to think that not eating will help us lose weight.  I’m not sure how we ever got that into our little minds, but it’s not true.  Maybe we think since eating causes us to gain weight then not eating does the opposite.  But we NEED food to keep us going.  And not fast food, pizza, and cookies.  I love my sweets as much as the next girl, but everything in moderation.

There are two times that I feel are the most important times to eat.  You’ve probably heard this before, but DON”T SKIP BREAKFAST.  Skipping breakfast can cause you to eat more throughout the day.  So, eat something that’s going to fill you up and are also good for you.  Look for cereals that are high in fiber or multi-grain.  Oatmeal is also a good idea.

Another time we don’t eat when we REALLY should is after a workout.  Protein is so important after a workout since you’ve been adding little tears to your muscles and damaging them.  Protein is going to help them recover and heal faster.  My favorite post workout snack is chocolate milk.  Just don’t drink the whole milk.  2%, low fat, or non-fat is fine.  Peanut butter is super yummy, too.  Maybe some toast with peanut butter or apples and peanut butter.  Nuts are also high in protein.  Check the label and try to get at least 8 grams after a workout.

So, don’t forget to eat.  Eating is going to help you in your weight loss and muscle gain.  Just make sure you’re eating the right things (and the bad stuff in moderation).

I would just like to add that I am NOT a nutrition expert and any advice I give is from my own experience and from what others have passed on to me.  This is what has worked for me and I hope works for you.

This may sound silly…

This may be the silliest “tip” I every give, but it works.  If you’re just starting a new exercise program or, as I like to refer to it, a lifestyle change, something to do to get you going and motivated is…get a new outfit.  I know.  I know.  It may sound like a total “girl” thing to do, but it works.  I promise.  When you look the part then you feel the part and you become the part.  If you’ve just joined a gym, find an outfit that makes you feel like you can take on the world!  Even get some new hair accessories.  Shoes, maybe?  Even a good sports bra!  You’ll be amazed at what a new outfit can do to get you going.  🙂

Same Old Workout Getting You Down?

I find doing the same thing every week is boring and not very motivating.  Instead of always doing a gym workout, try going on a bike ride or rollerblading (I think people still rollerblade).  Don’t want to leave the comfort of the gym?  Try a new class: spinning, yoga, aerobics…  Are your muscles and joints getting tired?  Go for a swim.  It’s the easiest workout on your body and feels great in the hot summer months.

It’s also good to switch things up so your body doesn’t use the same muscles over and over again.  Running and biking use some different leg muscles.  I may have been able to run 13.1 miles, but biking 10 was painful the first time I did it.

So, put some variety in your workout routine.  This is one area where change is good.

No pain, no gain?

There is good pain and bad pain.  The good pain is the kind that motivates you to keep going…because you physically CAN keep going.  The bad pain is that pain in your knee that makes you stop, the pinched feeling in your back that makes you walk funny, or the stabbing pain in your foot that makes you limp.  These are NOT good.

When you begin working out you want to start hard and give it your all.  Well, the giving it your all part is great, but don’t kill yourself.  Pushing yourself too hard can lead to serious injury.  You DON”T have to experience horrible physical pain to see results.  If you push too hard and injure yourself all that’s going to happen is you’re going to get discouraged because you have to rest and heal and, then, you’ll probably stop working out all together.

Be wise.  You WILL see results eventually.  Exercise your patience and self-control along with your body.  You won’t be disappointed.

Keeping Track of Your Workouts

When I started running, I wanted to see how I was improving as far as distance and speed were concerned.  So, I joined a community called Daily Mile.  There you are able to track ANY workout that you do.   You can check it out at

If you don’t want to do the whole online tracking, keep a journal of what you did for your workout.  Not only keep track of your workouts, but keep track of your measurements and weight as well.  Then, when you go back and review what you’ve done in the last month or so, you’ll be able to see what you’ve accomplished and how you’ve improved.

Water, water, water!!!

With the weather starting to warm up, hydration is super important.  While this may sound contradictory to my post about not weighing yourself, here is a tip to make sure you are maintaining proper hydration: weigh yourself before and after your workouts (especially if you are a heavy sweater, as I am).  This is the best way to measure how much water you’ve lost by sweating during your workout.  If you’ve weighed yourself before and after a workout and lost 5 lbs in that time period it’s not a miracle, it’s water.  So, this is what you do: If you begin your workout weighing 155 and at the end you weight 153, then you want to drink enough water to get you back up to 155.  You NEED to replenish what you’ve lost!!!  When I was training for my first half marathon I would lose 7 pound in a single long run!  It made me giddy when I got on the scale and saw all that weight loss in a matter of 2 hours.  But, the fact is, the loss of the all that water weight is not good.  Loose the fat, not the water.

So, to sum it up: Drink water, weigh yourself, drink more water…